Chad Dorsey Design
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.Chad Dorsey creates refined interiors that balance tailored style with the spirit of modern living.

Trained as an architect, his approach to every space is characterized by a fluid relationship to the architecture where proportion, light, and scale are as essential as taste and lifestyle. His aesthetic is best described as “relaxed luxury” which is defined by a quiet palette, custom furnishings with handcrafted details, meaningful objects, and a true sense of the people who live there. He believes furnishings should be impactful without being overwhelming, and rooms should flow and transition seamlessly.

 Chad’s eponymous studio is based in Dallas with an outpost in Los Angeles and offers a full-range of design services. Chad Dorsey Design works on projects across the country—a fact that Chad relishes, as travel remains a deep influence. “I think seeing new things is the most valuable inspiration, and also the piece that keeps me growing as a designer,” Chad says of the sights and sounds that stimulate his design work. For clients he is constantly revisiting ideas of luxury and focuses on creating experiences that are special and personal—whether it’s a bespoke fixture, dual kitchens for the aspiring chef, an intimate space for reading , or an intimate music room.

 Raised in Tennessee, Chad’s love of automobiles, travel and architecture began early and helped inform his passion for aesthetics. This passion lead him to pursue a degree in Architecture and a prolific career in hospitality design, where he managed and directed an impressive $2 billion portfolio, which included clubs, luxury residences, airplane interiors, Las Vegas hotels and lounges for Baccarat. 

 Whether designing an island vacation home in the Pacific North West, a surf shack in Dallas, or rural retreat in the California Central Valley, Chad brings subtle, relaxed luxury to every project, along with two decades of experience.


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